What are Transport Talent Ambassadors?

We are looking for people who will help us to spread the word about Transport Talent. So you use your network to help us get the ball rolling. Become our ambassador so people in the industry learn about us. Tell your company about us, your friends, colleagues and whoever else might like to hear about us. You will receive a reward

  • for each job that has come through you
  • for each job from a company that has joined us thanks to you and
  • for each candidate that signs up and we can therefore propose to employers.

Sounds like a deal? Great! Then do sign up here and become one of our ambassadors. Please also provide us with a link to your professional profile on LinkedIn, so we can get an impression of your professional background.

Do you need further help? We are always here to help you. Contact us

Last update: 07/08/2018 11:04